Problem of Synchronizing Contacts


Mobile version:Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

OS: Android 2.3.5 (Euro Edition)

What's the Problem?

There are three “Google system group” of Android Contacts:

* Colleagues

* Family

* Friends

Indivadual contact cannot be allocated to one of the groups, you have to use computer to login in gmail to allocate several contacts. Emm``, problem comes, the three groups cannot be found in gmail contact group list. How to make gmail to display the three groups, and then to allocate contacts?

Shit, you can see the groups but cannot allocate contacts to them using mobile, and you can allocate contacts to groups but cannot see the groups!

How to solve the Problem?

Very occasionally, when I install the add-on:

for my thunderbird, the problem was solved.

After the add-on's installing, you can move individual contact to the three groups:

* Coworkers

* Family

* Friends

Then you can view them when you login gmail. OK, allocate more contacts to them!

After the Android's Contacts synchronized with gmail, you can the them which contains contacts:

* Colleagues

* Family

* Friends

"Colleagues" here equals "Coworkers" in gmail, I don't know why they use two different name for a same group.


Ref to the original question asked in google groups:

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